How to Start a Ceramic Houseplant Ecommerce Store in 2021

How to Start a Ceramic Houseplant Ecommerce Store in 2021


A ceramic houseplant for your kitchen or desk to remember that you too need to take care of yourself. Plant caring is a new trend that has emerged in recent years. It is characterized by beautiful, ceramic, plant pots. The entire process is done with ceramic clay and kiln firing to create a unique, artistic piece of work. Combine both and you get a mindfulness activity for your house and soul. Ceramic houseplants are set to boom in 2021 and is one of the best e-commerce stores you can start this year.

Here’s what Google trends, Trends, & The Economist says:


// Why ceramic houseplants are great for online sales

  • This could make a great gift for your married aunt who lives in the subs.
  • Product tagline: Plant Care. Plant Mindfulness. Plant Love.
  • The average Amazon seller sold 1,385 units in the month of October.
  • There are 7 brands generating more than $50K a month. Two of them were launched in 2020 on Amazon.
  • There is one seller who started in 2020 and is already generating $83K per month.
  • Try partnering with gardening influencers to promote your products.
  • Young consumers are disrupting the $48B brick-and-mortar plant business by buying and selling plants online.
  • Two Houseplant startups have raised more than $1.5M in the past two years.

// Competitor Research within the ceramic houseplant niche

There are high demands and medium competition for this product. Peak selling months: January-June.

  • There are 7 brands generating more than $50K a month. Two of them were launched in 2020 on Amazon.
  • The Sill raised $5M and Bloomscape $1.7M in 2018.
  • Nearly 30% of US households purchased a houseplant in 2019. Between 2015 and 2017, Home Depot’s indoor garden sales grew 3.5 times faster than its outdoor garden offerings. (Trends)
  • We found one brand, Novelty who seems to be the biggest on the market. They are doing a solid $419K a month on Amazon and launched their store in 2014.
  • Novelty has a staggering 4,844 reviews - with an average score of 4.5/5 stars.
  • However, there were some negative reviews. We recommend focusing on what customer complaints are to improve the product, as that will help you improve overall customer satisfaction
    • Plants arrived crushed. One way you can differentiate yourself from the pack is by focusing on the packaging to make sure the ceramic vase arrives without a scratch.
    • Plants dying. Depends on the plant you plan to sell make sure you provide a guide on how to take care of it. You can offer watering materials in your offering.
    • Too many options. Most stores sell too many options which can become a hassle for buyers to chose one they like.
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Source: Jungle Scout
Source: Jungle Scout

// How to Execute and start an ceramic houseplant e-commerce store

Suppliers: : For this section, we will compare using a top supplier in China and Mexico.

There is this supplier based out of Fujian, China found on Alibaba. They offer customized labeled ceramic vases. They have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 1000 units for customized items. Most reviews claim they have fast service and good quality. This supplier has an 89.6% on-time delivery rate and is verified by Alibaba.

Another option is contacting the team of GetAyuda for them to source a factory for you in Mexico. The benefit of this specific product is the quality, variety, and price you can get. An 8x8 IN vase can be purchased for ~$6.5 and sold for $25 on Amazon.

Ask your supplier about

  • Packaging
  • Sizes

Community: Build a community of plant lovers focusing on plant care. Keeping a plant alive is no easy feat. People are searching terms such as “plant care” (5.4k searches/month) and “plant care app” (1.3k searches/month). One example is The Succulent Lovers Club, which charges members $25/month. The community serves as a place for succulent growers to meet, learn, and exchange ideas with one another.

Advertising/Marketing Potential: The market potential behind this is quite large. Here are some of the best ideas we came up with -

  • Partner with gardening influencers: We found this Instagram influencer, HousePlantClub with 1M followers. They often do Amazon recommendations which you can partner with them to grow your business.
  • Focus on self-care niche: Looks like gardening and taking care of your plants is good for you and can increase your happiness according to this research. The self-care market grew by 12.8% to $4.2 trillion globally between 2015 and 2017 (Trends report on plants).

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// Tagline examples you can copy:

  • Plant Care. Plant Mindfulness. Plant Love.
  • What You Water, You Grow.

// Blog ideas you can copy:

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// Google ad examples about ceramic houseplants you can copy:


📖Use this guide by Buffer to define your audience and budget

// How much you can make selling ceramic houseplants

How to interpret these numbers: spend this much in advertising, make this much revenue. Factor in your advertising and cost of goods sold, and that’s your estimated monthly profit.

Copy of Breakdown

Recommended selling prcie
Total monthly advertising budget
$10,000 ($333/day)
Google Avg. CPM
Expected CTR
Expected Conversion Rate
Units Sold
Potential Monthly Revenue
Monthly Adv. Budget
Est. Cost of Good Sold
Est. Profit