How To Start an Organ Supplement E-commerce Store In 2021

How To Start an Organ Supplement E-commerce Store In 2021

Organ supplements are a great way to provide the nutrients that your body needs to perform at its best. But organ supplements can be hard to find. We have them here, in a variety of forms, and they're guaranteed to help you perform better. Here is a guide on how to start an organ Supplement E-commerce store in 2021


Here’s what Google trends:

Keyword: Organ Supplements
Keyword: Organ Supplements

// Why organ supplements are great for online sales

  • This could make a great gift for Mike who is focused on his health and achieving peak performance with everything he does.
  • Product tagline: We give you what you need and push you to go beyond.
  • The average Amazon seller sold 2452 units in the month of January.
  • There are 5 brands generating more than $100K a month. One of them was launched in 2020 on Amazon.
  • There is one seller who started in 2020 and is already generating $20K per month.
  • Try partnering with biohacker influencers to promote your products.

// Competitor Research within the organ supplement industry

There are high demands and high competition for this product. Peak selling months: Non-seasonal.

  • There are 5 brands generating more than $100K a month.
  • We found one brand, Heart & Soil who seems to be the newest on the market. They are doing a solid $20K a month on Amazon and launched their store in 2020.
  • Heart & Soil holds 445 reviews - with an average score of 4.8/5 stars.
  • However, there were some negative reviews. We recommend focusing on what customer complaints are to improve the product, as that will help you improve overall customer satisfaction
    • Product Not Working. Customers complained about the product not working. This can be an opportunity for you to focus on the quality and functionality of the supplements as what we have seen on the market, most products available are very low quality.
    • Pricing. Many complained about the product being costly, especially since it did not generate the results it was supposed to.
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Source: Jungle scout

// How to Execute and start an organ supplement e-commerce store

Suppliers: : For this section, we will compare using a top supplier in China and Mexico.

There is this supplier based out of Shanghai, China found on Alibaba. They offer customized lower back posture corrector. They have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 90 units/30kg/30 bags for customized items. Most reviews claim they have a trade assurance and experience. This supplier has an 100% on-time delivery rate and is verified by Alibaba.

Another option is contacting the team of GetAyuda for them to source a factory for you in Mexico. The benefit of this specific product is the lower cost of shipping and logistics due to the proximity to the USA. Email us at for inquiries.

Ask your supplier about

  • Focus on product quality and make sure that what you are offering works. Set the right expectations.
  • Make sure your product is FDA approved.

Bundling: There are endless opportunities for upsales with this product. more supplements, health accessories, etc… This is a great way for you to increase your AOV and differentiate your offering.

Advertising/Marketing Potential: The market potential behind this is quite large. Here are some of the best ideas we came up with -

  • Partner with biohacker influencers: We found this instageammer, Timbiohacker with 35.6K followers on Instagram. He shares information about how to improve your health and biohack your body. Soon he is coming out with an online course for beginners in biohacking.
  • Target the biohackers community: Biohackers are known for wanting to do whatever necessary to improve their health. We see an opening in the market for this niche to promote your products. Many are aware of their need for better supplements.

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// Tagline examples you can copy:

  • We give you what you need and push you to go beyond.
  • Be the best you can be.

// Blog ideas about organ supplements you can copy:

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// Google Ad examples you can copy:


📖Use this guide by Buffer to define your audience and budget

// Profit Potential:

How to interpret these numbers: spend this much in advertising, make this much revenue. Factor in your advertising and cost of goods sold, and that’s your estimated monthly profit.

Copy of Breakdown

Recommended selling prcie
Total monthly advertising budget
$10,000 ($333/day)
Google Avg. CPM
Expected CTR
Expected Conversion Rate
Units Sold
1,433 units/530kg
Potential Monthly Revenue
Monthly Adv. Budget
Est. Cost of Good Sold
Est. Profit

Potential Monthly Revenue $65,918

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